"Propulsive pounding thick drum machine, punctuated by sparse slashing claps, and buzzing bass foster the tension created by subtle yet dense stabs of icy synth combined with dour, enveloping strings.
The sober baritone vocals are indignant and merciless, revealing his deep feelings of discontentment and frustration through an evocative and introspective exploration of life, love and identity."

-- WHITE LIGHT / WHITE HEAT on 'Not Quite Right'

THE STAVE CHURCH is an 80s influenced darkwave/coldwave/minimal synth project from Houston, Texas. With influences from Bauhaus, John Foxx, Ultravox, and Gary Numan, the wide array of subject matter tackles self-esteem issues, relationships, the consequences of actions, witches, to wasting a life in the soul-sucking atmosphere of Corporate America. Have a nice day!